Lately, there's been talk among current and former Google employees about the company's race to keep up with AI competition, and some people are worried about it. They're saying that Google is moving too fast to build AI technology, which might not leave enough time to fully examine the potential risks.

To be honest, I think moving quickly might actually be a positive thing. Google has had powerful AI technology for some time, but they only started using it after ChatGPT exploded. I'm not so sure they made much progress in making AI safer by holding back. At least now, we can start to see what might happen and prepare ourselves.

To ensure a safe future with AI, we need to use it and learn from our experiences. Government and regulatory groups are only going to step in once we understand how AI can actually be detrimental. As a society, we can't start fixing problems until we know what those problems are.

So, personally, I'm not too worried about Google moving fast. The quicker we put AI out there, the sooner we can pinpoint its potential challenges, and the sooner we can start solving them.